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We are following the Utah Health Department guidelines for “Personal Care Services” these guidelines have been put in place with your safety in mind. These are in place to allow services to the public while protecting them, our students, our employees and their families. Thank you for your understanding. Please read more about visiting Skinworks on the button below titled ” Covid-19 Update”


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Skinworks is an esthetics school located in South Salt Lake, Utah. Skinworks has been specializing in growing the lovely minds of our future basic & master estheticians since 1995. We are very proud of the fact that we offer students a robust education in both the medical and laser side of skincare as well as the rewarding and relaxing side of the spa world. Our past students have graduated with a well-rounded education and it showed. We offer a student spa to give our students a real world experience that can drive them to be gainfully employed once graduated.


esthetics training

At Skinworks, we understand that each student is unique and has unique needs. Our small class sizes and convenient scheduling make it easy to attend. We offer full and part-time training so you can finish quickly or study around your schedule. We also can assist you in applying for financial aid. We can make your esthetics training convenient and affordable.


student spa

Our student spa is located conveniently in South Salt Lake and is perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating. We offer the same treatments and service of high end spas but at a significantly lower price. Our professionally trained students, along with licensed skincare instructors can identify your specific skin needs. Come in for a free skin consultation today!