Lash extensions are taking over the world! They’re everywhere and on everyone! The reason why is clear: lash extensions are an affordable and relatively maintenance-free treatment, some would say it is life changing to wake up ready to go!

Skinworks has been teaching lashes since 2006 long before lashes were part of so many women’s monthly routine. We have seen the bad and the good of lashes and are thrilled to see where amazing lash companies, like lashbomb, have taken this treatment.

Skinworks most importantly has always included classic lashes in their basic esthetics course, it is part of our core beliefs, to teach a well-rounded basic education on all esthetic modalities. Skinworks also believes that once you are a student, you are always a student. So, if those students back in 2006 would like to come and learn the new latest and greatest innovations in lashes, they are welcomed with open arms, and most of all, NO CHARGE!