Eyelash extensions are a growing trend and one that we fully support! Lash extensions are affordable and create a low-maintenance makeup routine. Many women say they’re life changing. The application of eyelash extensions is a precise and delicate process. This process requires professional training. Here at Skinworks, we are pleased to offer eyelash extension application training to our students!

Our Program

The growing popularity of eyelash extensions leads to the demand for lash artists. Lash artists are individuals licensed in eyelash extension application. The state of Utah requires lash artists to be licensed estheticians or cosmetologists. Here at Skinworks, we’re proud to offer eyelash extension training as part of our basic esthetics course, which means there’s no need to enroll in a separate course. Upon graduation, our students can not only be prepared to pursue a career in esthetics, they may also pursue lash artistry.

Our Lashes

We’ve been teaching eyelash extension application to our students since 2006. This was long before they were part of the monthly routine of so many women. Our instructors and students have seen the evolution of lash extensions and we’re thrilled to see where companies like LashBomb have taken their products. Our school is proud to use LashBomb’s classic lashes in our student spa.

Do you have eyelash extensions? Want to know how to best care for them? Check out our aftercare tips page as well as our lash blogs: