Skinworks Business Classes

Natalie Parkin has owned Skinworks since 2005, she brings her business background and passion for women driven businesses to every student. Natalie recently was selected from thousands of businesses to participate in the Goldman Sach’s 10,000 Small Businesses program. Natalie has always focused on mentoring the graduates, if her graduates are not successful then she is not successful. We attribute our high job placemet rate to this. Although, she has always been business driven, by Natalie graduating from Goldman Sach’s program it has given Skinworks the tools and resources to enhance our business program to make sure every student is positioned to succeed.Read more about the Goldman Sach’s Program at

A sampling of Skinworks business classes:

  • Social Media Marketing: from the basic’s to the secrets, you can learn what it takes to build your following both while in school and once you graduate!
  • Earn what your worth: MATH in the beauty industry! It comes up way more than you would think! Let Skinworks help you enjoy math as you watch yourself grow through your success.
  • Flexing for success: Teamwork is important in this industry. Learn about personalities in the workplace and what it takes to accommodate all kinds.
  • Do you know what your customers want?: Hear from our customer panel on why they trust YOU with their skin! learn why they think homecare recommendation and professional advise is important to them.

These business classes are offered by our local business community and will vary in instruction, offering our students an opportunity to learn from many different aspects. These classes run on a 36/54 week syllabus, so for our students who are only completing 600 hours, please feel free to come and continue to grow your business skills well beyond graduation, free of charge.

In addition to our guest speakers, Skinworks adopted Prosper U’s business program. This system provides the guest a full service spa experience preparing our students to be the very best that they can be. Your success, is our success, let’s make it happen!