Laser & Medical Modalities

(included in our Masters & Comprehensive Programs)

  • microneedling
  • photo facial YAG, and dual treatments
  • photo facial IPL
  • superficial vein treatment
  • laser hair removal fitzpatrick 4-6
  • laser hair removal fitzpatrick 1-3
  • the business of laser and light therapy
  • laser. light, and radiofrequency treatments
  • laser and light therapy safety
  • indications and contraindications
  • pre treatment for lasers and light therapy
  • skin typing and laser treatments
  • consultations
  • hair removal & photo facial
  • laser, light, and radiofrequency devices
  • fundamentals of skin care
  • healing the skin from laser injury
  • Introduction to lasers & light therapy
  • microneedling

Dr. Lisa Morris | Skinworks Medical Director

At Skinworks we’re committed to helping our students be on the leading edge of esthetics. In 2018 Dr. Lisa Morris has come onto our team as our Medical Director! Her expertise in medical esthetics and plastic surgery can help our students have an advantage when searching for medical esthetics jobs after graduation.

Dr. Morris will be ensuring that students are meeting safety requirements and to help consult with clients as needed. She will be offering classes throughout the Masters Program to help bring a medical perspective to what the students are learning. She will also be offering filler and neuromodulation (commonly referred to as Botox, Dysport, & Xeomin injections) services to clients that students can observe and learn from.


While the services that Dr. Morris performs are not taught in esthetics curriculum, we believe it is advantageous for our students to understand the medical esthetics space. The industry is particularly large in Utah, where medical spas can be found across the entire state. Students who have had the exposure to the medical side of esthetics are more likely to find a job at a medical spa after graduation.

Dr. Morris hopes that esthetics students at Skinworks will be able to identify which treatments and procedures will best suit medical spa clients. Sometimes a medical esthetician will need to identify that a patient needs surgery instead of an esthetic treatment, or vice versa, and Dr. Morris is planning to help students develop that keen eye.