Laser & Medical Modalities


  • Microneedling
  • Photo Facial Yag, & Dual Treatments
  • Photo Facial IPL
  • Tattoo Removal, Nd-Yag
  • Superficial Vein Treatment
  • Laser Hair Removal Fitzpatrick 1-3
  • Laser Hair Removal Fitzpatrick 4-5
  • Laser. Light, & Radiofrequency Treatments
  • Laser And Light Therapy Safety
  • Indications & Contraindications
  • Pre Treatment For Lasers & Light Therapy
  • Skin Typing & Laser Treatments
  • Consultations
  • Hair Removal & Photo Facial
  • Laser, Light, & Radiofrequency Devices
  • Fundamentals of Skin Care
  • Healing The Skin from Laser Injury
  • Introduction To Lasers & Light Therapy
  • Dermaplaning

Neurotoxins & Fillers

Dr. Richard Maxwell and his team will be treating Skinworks clients as their own twice a month! Their books are open during the day on the 2nd Friday of the Month from 9:15-12:15, and in the evening on the 4th Wednesday of the Month from 5:30-8:30. Call the front desk for details!.

Please call the front desk for pricing & details! Skinworks students will be assisting in these services. Dr. Maxwell and his team will also be doing tattoo removal evaluations at this time.

We believe it is advantageous for our students to understand the medical esthetics space, along with their role in this treatment. The industry is particularly large in Utah, where medical spas can be found across the entire state as well as the country.

Caucasian cosmetologist standing in black coat near placard with drawn eye at cosmetology cabinet. Concept of qualitative medical worker, beauty salon and permanent makeup.