Master Esthetics Program

Basic Esthetics License is required to enroll in the Master Esthetics Program

Throughout our Master Esthetician program we prepare our students for the medical side of esthetics. We train on more aggressive treatments such as microdermabrasion and chemical exfoliation with the use of AHAs, BHAs, and Jessner Solutions. Our 3 week Advanced Medical Modalities & Laser class is provided at 900 hours affording the student adequate knowledge on the skin before graduating onto the medical devices. The student will continue to use those medical devices through their remaining education. Being a Master Esthetician opens doors for our students to work on the full body and advanced modalities while giving them the knowledge to fully educate their future clients on the best advise for their skincare needs.

For more info on Utah’s laws and regulations on the field and licensing in Esthetics click HERE



Daytime Full-Time:
Masters only: 18 weeks to completion
Comprehensive: 36 weeks to completion
Tuesday-Saturday 9:00-4:30

Daytime 4 Day:
Masters only: 20 weeks to completion
Comprehensive: 40 Weeks to completion
4 day: Tuesday-Friday 9:00-5:00

Evening & Saturday:
Masters only: 28 weeks to completion
Comprehensive: 55 weeks to completion
Tuesday-Thursday 5:15-10:15
Saturday 9:00-4:30

$8,900 Masters*
*Basic License is required
(600 hours)

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Tuition Includes:
Tuition covers a theory and practical instruction textbook, Theory Workbook, Practical Workbook and library, including audio/visual instructional material. Lira Clinical Skin Care Kit along with other specific advanced skincare products will be used during the practical training. (Textbook, supply kits, and handouts are included in the tuition).

January 2nd 2019

March 12th 2019


Course Outline

Orientation: Changes in Esthetics, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Exfoliation, Body Treatments
Theory 40 | Practical 150

General Science: Infection Control, Advanced Histology of the Cell and Skin, Hormones, Anatomy and Physiology: Muscles & Nerves, Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Laser, Light Energy, and Radio frequency Therapy
Theory 45 | Practical 25

Skin Sciences: Nutrition, Stress Management, Advanced Disorders, Skin Typing and Aging Analysis, Skincare Products, Botanicals and Aromatherapy, Ingredients, Pharacology for Estheticians.
Theory 50 | Practical 70

Esthetics: Advanced Facial Techniques, Advanced Skin Care Massage, Advanced Facial Devices, Advanced Hair Removal.
Theory 20 | Practical 40

Spa and Alternative Therapies: Spa Treatments, Alternative Therapies, Ayurveda Theory and Treatments.
Theory 20 | Practical 40

Medical: Working in a Medical Setting, Medical Terminology, Medical Intervention, Plastic Surgery Procedures, The Esthetician’s role in Pre and Post Medical Treatments, Laser Treatments.
Theory 25 | Practical 15

Business Skills: Financial Business Skills, Marketing.
Theory 20 | Practical 40

*Hours are an estimate based off our syllabus and existing student spa clientele.



Upon completion of the program & full tuition payment, the student will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and all the necessary materials and instructions needed to apply for the State Board Exam. Job-placement assistance is offered if requested at that time.

The Master Training encompasses many specialty courses that train the student for a medical esthetics job placement opportunity. We teach the student the necessary skills needed to work for a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or laser practitioner. Advanced skin care, stone therapy, hair removal techniques are taught along with advanced facial peels, body wraps, microdermabrasion, sanitation, and chemistry of ingredients.