Skinworks Transfer Policy

POLICY  Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare considers transfer hours from colleges and universities in the Esthetics and Cosmetology Fields that have been accredited by their regional associations.  In general, transfer hours are only used to fulfill Skinworks graduation requirements and are made based on hours completed; therefore, no grades or percentages are used – only clock hour transfers are generated.

OBJECTIVE  It is the intent of the School to create the opportunity for any student who has completed hours at another institution to transfer those hours to satisfy course completion at Skinworks School of Advanced Skin Care, or any student who has completed hours at Skinworks in a similar program, but would like to switch programs as long as they are within the same licensing


Skinworks requires signed proof of hours completed from a state licensed accredited school, Skinworks cannot transfer International hours at this time. It is preferred that hours have been completed within the last 24 months, unless documentation proves work in the field of esthetics. A consultation with an instructor is required for positioning in the correct course of study. A placement exam may also be required at the instructor’s discretion. This also applies to students who have their Basic license from a cosmetology program and wish to complete the Master Esthetics program.


  • If a potential student has a verifiable and active Cosmetology License, and wishes to only complete the Master’s Program, Skinworks will accept 450 transfer hours. The incoming student will complete 750 hours at Skinworks. However, if the incoming student has been working in the field of Esthetic’s under their Cosmetology license, they are able to test into the institution with the Education Director for proper placement if requested.
  • If a potential student currently holds a verifiable and active Basic esthetics license obtained at another institution, Skinworks will allow the incoming student to begin directly in the Master’s program at the Education Director’s discretion, after reviewing transcripts.
  • If a student wishes to transfer hours into the Basic, Master’s or Comprehensive Esthetician Program, Skinworks requires a copy of transcripts transcript’s must be from an accredited school along with a “Record of Completion or Withdrawal” from the other institution, signed by the Registrar, showing hours completed at that school as well as course titles or descriptions. The student will be assessed (Practical & Written) and placed with the appropriate hours that Skinworks feels is necessary for optimal learning for the student.
  • If a student has a Utah State License in Nail Technology, Skinworks will review the transcripts from an accredited school to match the hours that would apply to Esthetics and take complete Skinworks Spa Pedicure assessment and if qualified, will apply up to 50 hours from nails towards the Basic Esthetics education. Student must still perform nail services while in school.
  • The accepted hours are to be applied to the practical portion of the students education. Skinworks administration will define which days and hours will be excused for the transfer student at the time of the contract.
  • Skinworks is entitled to test the student (Practical & Written) to ensure that the student is placed correctly with the appropriate number of hours. Skinworks will grant a credit of hours from 0-600 hours for the Basic’s esthetics program. If the student is granted the full 600 hours for basics, the student will be expected to perform at a basic level in the student spa.
  • The practical facial/nail assessment test must have a passing grade of at least 80%. If a potential student does not pass the test, Skinworks has the right to require a certain amount of Basics Esthetics hours to be completed at Skinworks. The number of hours selected to be retaken in the Basics course is carefully chosen by Skinworks Administration and Instructors, based upon the potential student’s score on the tests and overall knowledge of Basic Esthetics.

Step One: Written Basic/Master Test
Step Two: Practical Facial
Step Three: Interview with Education Department

Skinworks has a set curriculum and cannot guarantee coursework from the student’s previous school will not be repeated.

Students are required to meet with the financial aid for any tuition reduction granted by transferring clock-hours into Skinworks. Once the number of hours transferring has been determined, Skinworks will charge the remaining tuition hours at $15/hr.

Example Based on the Master’s Program: 100 hour credits in a 600 hour program would leave a remaining tuition of 500 hours:

500 x $15 = $7500
Registration Fee = $100
Student Kit = $756.13
Total (for this example) = $8356.13
Savings, $543.87 and 100 less hours


If a student would like to change their program from basics to comprehensive, or from comprehensive to basics, the student must follow the steps below:


  • Meet with Admissions and Financial Aid within 3 days of starting the program. There is no charge or fees if completed in this timeframe.


  • If the student is signed up for only the Basic’s program and would like to continue on to Master’s, they must meet with the Admissions Advisor to complete a Master’s contract. The programs would be separate, and the student would need to monitor their hours to ensure they are completed within the Basic’s program before their Master’s program start date.
  • If the student is signed up for Comprehensive and would like to transfer into the Basic’s only program, they must follow the steps below:
      • In order for student to enroll into the Basic’s only program the student must withdraw from the Comprehensive program’ and re-enroll into the Basic’s program. A withdraw has many steps to the process:
        1. Student withdraws by signing a withdrawal form with the assistance of our Financial Aid Office.
        2. Skinworks completes the Withdrawal Calculation according to the Return to Title IV funds and the Skinworks Institutional Refund Policy.
        3. Skinworks will send the Withdrawal Calculation to the student within 45 days.
        4. The student would need to pay all obligations to Skinworks based off the Withdrawal Calculation before they could re-enroll into the new program. These charges are not eligible for Title IV funds.
        5. Once charges are paid, the student may re-enroll into the next available start date in the Basic’s program. The student may transfer any existing hours into the basics program by following the IN-COMING TRANSFER section within this policy.


Consultation with an Advisor is required. Please schedule a meeting with an advisor to go over verified hours and grades. All remaining fees must be paid for the transfer to be completed.