Jacque Rawlings
Master Esthetician Jacque Rawlings at LIV Salons Personal website 801-870-9995

Jacque has been doing hair and nails for 20 years. About 10 years ago she continued her education in permanent cosmetics and 2 years ago went back to school to become a Master Esthetician at Skinworks. “The beauty industry just captivates me and I feel I must learn everything about it. I completely love what I do.”

We asked Jacque a few things about her:

What is your area of Expertise?

My area of expertise within skincare is simply facials and teaching women how to take care and treat their skin at home. That’s where it all starts.

What do you love about Esthetics?

Everything really!  Facials, chemical peels, and make up! I came to school mostly for me! I wanted to learn how I could take care of my skin. I’m approaching 45..I just don’t want to look like I am. And with my education I am able to teach others.

What do you value most about your education through Skinworks?

I feel I got the best education through Skinworks! From Basics to Masters. The teachers and Staff were amazing! The hands on Student Spa was the best! If you ever had a question and maybe didn’t know the answer right away..they always found out! I also learned an important lesson there! It’s not about competing and who is the best, everyone wants you to succeed in the business! And after being out of school for 2 years, if I ever have a question or need help, someone from Skinworks is always there to help out.