Nikayla Sutherland
Education Assistant Salt Lake City, UT 801-530-0001 ext 101

Nikayla Sutherland
We asked Nikayla a few things about herself:

My favorite word in the English language is…
Blithesome. (of a person) having a cheerful disposition. “the plowman is a blithesome lad”

If I were a superhero…
my superpower would be to understand all languages.

What is something about you that not many know, and would not be on your resume?
I love embroidery, avant- garde makeup, and hanging out with my chameleon and kitty!

What advice would you give a potential student who wants to join our team of glowgetters?
To have fun! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be sure to practice with each other whenever you have the chance to.