Wendy Toomer
Master Esthetician Bountiful, UT & South Ogden Personal website (801) 312-0907

Wendy works for Simplicity Laser Clinic in Bountiful a couple days a week and has a spa located in her home where she performs spa treatments. She enjoys having a schedule that is convenient for her, while doing what she enjoys. She also loves having the balance from Medical treatments to your more girly pampering things that she enjoys.

She knew she wanted to be in the beauty industry as she has always been a girly girl; it was just a matter of finding the right fit. She graduated high school, got married and a couple years later started school at Skinworks. She has now been married 4 years and just bought her first home in South Ogden last year. Her and her hubby enjoy their date nights, traveling often and spending time with family and friends. She loves that at her young age she is done with school and successful in a field that she loves.

We asked Wendy a few questions:

Area of expertise:

In school I excelled in Brazilian Waxing and picked it up fairly quickly and still love doing those. Brazilians were the majority of my request while in school. The fastest time I have been able to do a Brazilian Wax was in 12 minutes! The treatment I do most is brow waxing, shaping, and tinting.

What do you love about Esthetics?

Knowledge is power and I love that all sorts of people will ask me about skin and beauty and I am able to answer them. I’ll have girls who I haven’t talke to in years reach out to me on Facebook and ask “I remember seeing you were an Esthetician, can you give me tips to clear up my skin?” When people ask me for advice/recommendations it is my absolute favorite!

What did you learn most in school at Skinworks?

Although I had nearly perfect attendance and good grades, I struggled with school. By the couple months of school I was burnt out and questioned if I wanted to do esthetics at all. During one of my coaching sessions toward the end of the program, an awesome instructor told me that it would be different once I got out and started working in the field. I’ve found that to be true because once you are making money it makes a HUGE difference. Skinworks prepared me well in terms of real world appointment experience. In school on Saturdays when I had several appointments I remember being so busy and frustrated, but is was valuable because once I graduated I was prepared to work hard and doing back to back appointments did not faze me.